Union Public Service Commission Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069

Online Recruitment Applications (ORA) are invited for direct recruitment by selection through website
http://www.upsconline.nic.in to the following posts by 29th March,2018.

1. (Vacancy No. 18030501410)
One Translator (Burmese), Signal Intelligence Directorate,Integrated Defence Staff Headquarters, Ministry of Defence (UR-01).

2. (vacancy No. 18030502410) A translator (Route / Persian), Signal Intelligence Directorate, Integrated Defense Staff Headquarters, Ministry of Defense (SC-01). Posted for people who are physically present. Surgical handicap / locomotor deformity / cerebral pulse affects both legs (BL) or a leg (right or left) (OL) or one arm affected (right or left) (OA) that affects both legs.

3. (Empty Number 18030503210) Five Legal Officers (Grade -2), Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs (ST-01, OBC-02, UR-02). In five posts, a post is physically reserved for Challenge Persons. A paralytic with a disability / locomotor deformity / cerebral disability is a leg affecting (right or left) (OL) or one arm affecting (right or left) (OA) or a leg and one arm affected (OLA).

4. (Vacancy No. 18030504210) Four Public Prosecutor, Department of National Investigation Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs (OBC-01, UR-03).

5. (Vacancy No. 18030505610) Four Stores Officer, Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Mines (SC-01, UR-03).

6. (Vacancy No. 18030506510) One Senior Lecturer (Textile Processing), Office of the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, Ministry of Textiles (UR-01).The candidates willing to apply for the above posts are advised to visit Commission’s ORA Website http://www.upsconline.nic.in. The detailed advertisement along-with ‘Instructions and Additional Information to Candidates for Recruitment by Selection’ has been displayed on Commission’s Website http://www.upsc.gov.in as well as on the Online Recruitment Application (ORA) website

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